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Thursday March 20, 2003
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Security and the Small Office / Home Office Network
The IEEE Consultants' Network of Northern NJ will hold a present a talk on "Security and the Small Office/Home Office Network" given by Frank Middleton of Apogee Communications Technologies, Inc. Security is a major concern for anyone connected to the Internet and this session addresses some solutions and their limitations.

Computers connected to the Internet modems with no intervening firewall are vulnerable to many threats beyond that of email-carried viruses. A properly configured firewall/router between the SOHO LAN and the modem can mitigate this risk effectively. Most popular routers also do support secure tunnels over the Internet, so, for example, you can connect your home network to your office network securely and cheaply. Terms such as DHCP, DMZ, NAT, PAT, IPSec, TLS, etc. will be explained; no prior knowledge of networking is required.

Topics will include:
  • Security at different layers of the Open Systems Interconnect Reference Model
  • How does NAT/PAT provide additional security? 
  • Hosting a web site behind a DHCP DSL/Cable modem through a NAT/PAT firewall router 
  • Connecting networks together securely over the Internet at very low cost
  • A solution for WiFi (IEEE 802.x) security issues
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   Download pdf of presentation

Frank Middleton, a member of CNNNJ, has more than 20 years of experience in networking, security, infrastructure and applications architecture, design and implementation. He can be reached at 973 543 9324 or fam@apogeect.com.

Thursday March 20, 7:30pm
Non members welcome!
MCE/KDI Integrated Products
(note: entrance for the meeting is at the rear of the building)
60 South Jefferson Ave.
Whippany, N.J.

Contact: 973-728-4500, robert@rdwalker.com

Directions to meeting.