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Thursday March 25, 2004
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How an Engineer Ends Up In Court: The Expert Witness
Laurence W. Nagel will discuss the role of the expert witness in protecting intellectual property.

Intellectual property is a critical asset that technology companies safeguard through a combination of patents, copyrights, and trade-secret protections. If a company suspects that its intellectual property is being misappropriated, it may seek recourse through a lawsuit charging patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, or copyright misuse. The technological aspects of the issues involved in these lawsuits are often beyond the grasp of a judge or jury, calling for testimony of an expert witness to interpret matters of fact, but not matters of law.

Mr. Nagel will explain the tools for protecting intellectual property ? patents, copyrights, and trade secrets ? and the crucial role of the expert witness in litigation.
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Laurence W. Nagel, an expert witness in patent and trade secret litigation and a 29-year veteran of the integrated circuit industry, is proprietor of Omega Enterprises, consultants in analog and RF integrated circuit design, a company he founded in 1998. Mr. Nagel previously served a distinguished career at Bell Laboratories, where he asserted patents and negotiated patent licenses on behalf of the AT&T Intellectual Property Division. Among other accomplishments at Bell Labs, he developed the ADVICE circuit simulation program and served as project manager for development of the Celerity circuit simulation program.

Mr. Nagel earned BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees at the University of California, where he launched the cottage industry of simulation tools by developing the SPICE circuit simulation program.

Founded in 1992, the IEEE Consultants Network of Northern NJ encourages and promotes the use of independent technical consultants by business and industry.

Thursday March 25, 7:30pm
Non-members welcome!
Aeroflex / KDI-Integrated Products
(note: entrance for the meeting is at the rear of the building)
60 South Jefferson Ave.
Whippany, N.J.

Contact: 973-728-4500, robert@rdwalker.com

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