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Thursday April 24, 2008
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How we survived a professional website redesign

Ever considered having your website designed by a professional? Are you afraid it might cost too much, or be a lot of work? Come hear the tell-all story of one consulting firm's voyage through these perilous waters.

In the world of consulting today, your website is a key marketing tool. Lots of us can put together a site. After all, we are engineers. But unfortunately many of our sites look like they were put together by an engineer. Worse yet, they don't bring in work. A good site is better than the phone book, better than a snail-mail flyer, better than cold calling! Better, that is, if it gets noticed, presents the right information, and makes prospects call you. To do all that, it takes a pro.

Beginning in the spring of 2007, Banker Cot? set out to redesign a dated and unmaintainable website. The new site went live at the end of the summer and the first job came in soon after. Topics to be covered include:
  • The decision to hire a pro
  • Finding and choosing a designer
  • Going to contract
  • Step by step through the design process
  • Expectations vs. reality
  • The aftermath
Pat Banker honed her firmware development skills with 35 years experience designing embedded systems for a wide variety of applications. Her partner Art Cot? is a nearly 40-year veteran electronics design engineer with in-depth product design experience including digital and analog circuitry, data acquisition, and digital signal processing. Together they founded Banker Cot? in 1995 to provide convenient outsourcing of product design tasks to companies in a broad range of industries. The company?s core expertise is designing products that incorporate 8 and 16 bit microprocessors, microcontrollers, or digital signal processors (DSPs). Since its inception, Banker Cot? has had the privilege of helping many companies in industry, telecommunications, and health care develop and launch exciting new products.

Thursday April 24, 7:30pm
Non-members welcome!
Aeroflex / KDI-Integrated Products
(note: entrance for the meeting is at the rear of the building)
60 South Jefferson Ave.
Whippany, N.J.

Contact: 973-728-4500, robert@rdwalker.com

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