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Thursday March 26, 2009
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Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Targets for the Components of a System

On Thursday, March 26, 2009 @6:00PM, the IEEE Consultants' Network of Northern NJ (technologyontap.org) will be holding a meeting featuring a talk titled ?A Hierarchical Model for Prescribing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design Targets to the Components of a System?.

This presentation deals with components of a System (i.e., Units, Shelves, or Modules), which cannot be meaningfully tested for system-level emissions compliance by themselves.

The lack of standards for EMC Design objectives for stand-alone components of a system makes it difficult to determine whether a given component design is adequate from the Electromagnetic Compatibility perspective. This presentation introduces and discusses a qualitative methodology for defining practical EMC design targets for the components of a system for production purposes. This method is a preliminary step in attempting to address this need, using a combination of common sense, stand-alone component-level emissions testing strategy and periodic design reviews of components during their design cycle. You can download the presentation here.

Hirayr M. Kudyan, PE (NJ) received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in New York City, and a Ph.D. degree in Electrophysics from the Polytechnic Institute of New York in Brooklyn in 1978.

Hirayr is offering his expertise as an independent consultant in the areas of Design for EMC, EMI/RFI Management and RF Design in general. His interests include field and circuit simulations, computational and experimental investigations of phenomena associated with EMC management, power distribution, grounding and lightning protection for wireless base stations and systems.

Previously, while at Alcatel-Lucent for over ten years, he functioned as a Subject Matter Expert in EMC and RF Design, in the role of an in-house consultant to electrical and mechanical designers, for device layouts, artwork and grounding reviews for multi-layered PCBs and backplanes.

Hirayr can be reached at hmkudyan@ieee.org or (201)-599-2342.

Founded in 1992, the IEEE Consultants Network of Northern NJ encourages and pro?motes the use of independent technical consultants by business and industry.

Thursday March 26, 6:00pm
Non-members welcome!
Aeroflex / KDI-Integrated Products
(note: entrance for the meeting is at the rear of the building)
60 South Jefferson Ave.
Whippany, N.J.

Contact: 973-728-4500, robert@rdwalker.com

Directions to meeting.